The eclectic approach to interior design

where art deco, vintage, retro style, design and aesthetics meet.




Aësthetic Home

Aësthetic is a French online concept store where art deco, vintage, retro style, design, and aesthetics come together. Explore our selections of lighting fixtures, vases, candles, tableware, and mirrors to add a unique touch to your living space. Our lighting fixtures combine design and elegance to illuminate with finesse. The artistic lines of our vases bring a vintage touch to your decor. The candles create a warm and retro ambiance. Our tableware expresses your personal style, blending contemporary design with vintage aesthetics. Lastly, our mirrors visually enlarge your spaces, enhancing your decor with a retro and elegant style. These are unique pieces that combine modern design with a timeless touch, creating a decor where art deco and vintage harmoniously meet.